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When I started my ACCA journey I joined a college that my colleagues used, but found that I was just a number, a 'bum on seat'. I found the classrooms too small and that the tutors were just too busy to reply to my emails/text messages that I sent even though they gave me their mobile number and email address.

As a busy Mum with a baby and toddler, I wanted a college that would fit around my work and family life.

So I was relieved to find HTFT that was offering a bespoke studying service, where students come first. Where you are not just a 'number' but a real person.

I have been blown away with the help, and positive attitude of my tutors! Clare Finch for F7 gave masterclass sessions at 7:30am to enable us to get a class in before work\nursery run.

I received a study timetable, and study schedule to help organise my studies.

I telephoned/texted both tutors regular; as well as received a call from Vicky when I had a 'mini' lapse in confidence in my ability to sit 2 papers with a toddler and baby!

Having this tutor contact has really boosted my confidence and has really encouraged me to study harder.

HTFT is supportive and flexible and I cannot wait for the P papers.

Ella Malin

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Dec 04, 2014
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