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Feb 01, 2015

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It’s time for CIMA part qualified studiers to forget about ‘core areas’ and ‘exam tips’ and embrace the brave new world of the 2015 syllabus.

The new multiple choice exams will not be easier, in fact you are now going to best tested on every component of the learning outcomes – therefore you need to master the subject to achieve the new 70% pass rate.

The key to Objective Test success is going to be a combination of mastering and self-motivation – book the exam and then work your plan! Don’t get trapped on ‘someday’ island, you will never leave and never become qualified!

In order to be successful we recommend that you:

1. Book your Objective Test Paper exam before starting your course.

You need to have a target to work towards (#booktheexamworktheplan)

2. Set up and get into a routine.

Everybody is different. Some like to work early in the morning. Some like to fit it in during lunch and some are night owls. Whatever you are, you ideally need to get into a routine where you are completing 45 minutes of study per day including question practice

3. Master one learning outcome at a time

CIMA help you here. They set out what all of the learning outcomes are and what you need to know. Select one learning outcome at a time and master it before rewarding yourself and moving on.

I heard a very good quote recently:

“Don’t practice until you get it right, practice until you can’t get it wrong”.

This means that you need to practice enough times (whilst checking your answers and making necessary adjustments) to get to a point where you always get the right answer.

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