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"I am currently studying the Strategic level of CIMA, I joined HTFT when I was just starting the Strategic level.

Although I had my doubts about doing the live online as I have always been an old school student, I am now a fan.

I haven’t passed all 3 of the strategic exams straight away, but the tutors at HTFT have been with me all the way trying out new studying techniques in order to get me through the exams.

They get to know there students and know the best studying techniques that suit the individual students, and track you on the community to ensure that you are using the resources provided to you, to the best of your ability.

Go team HTFT"

Paulette Powell

HTFT blogs, vlogs and news

Apr 21, 2015
CIMA Strategic Integrated Case Study: Slide Group Slide Group are an exploration company operating in the Oil and Gas Industry. The following link will take to you a comprehensive debrief (delivered by Jenny Hughes) of the pre-seen case material: Debrief of the Slide Group pre-seen (54 minutes, password: HTFTSC) In …

Apr 13, 2015
ACCA September 2015: Making the most of opportunities that present themselves In September 2015 ACCA will be offering an additional exam session, which will be followed in 2016 by the introduction of four exam sessions a year. The September 2015 exam session presents an opportunity for trainees; giving you much great…

Mar 19, 2015
CIMA P3 is, as we all know, about risk. One way of measuring risk is to calculate a Value at Risk (VaR) based on statistical theory. This was examined 3 times under the 2010 syllabus and each time the confidence limit required was 95%. The 2015 OT exam is bringing out a question asking for a calculation of a 90% Valu…

Mar 11, 2015
Generation Ys, born between 1980 and 2000, are well and truly established in the workforce. In fact, by 2025, Generation Y’s will account for 75% of the workforce. Generation Y don't need any convincing on the benefits of technology. They're already in it. According to a 2014 Nielson study, Generation Y strongly belie…

Mar 04, 2015
We often hear from our clients an expression of the desire to stimulate career progression. On further probing this tends to boil down to one of two aims: either creating the aptitude and desire for ongoing learning and development; or providing a pathway, usually aligned to accountancy qualifications, that maps to int…

Feb 12, 2015
The ACCA exam results came out last Sunday (8th February) and unfortunately not everybody will have gotten the results they wanted. If you didn't quite get the result you wanted, we have an obvious, but highly effective tip for you - which will help you structure your studying for the next exam window. For the tip em…

Feb 01, 2015
If you have entered MICS in March, we hope you are enjoying the case ‘BILD’ as much as we are... Our lead tutor on MICS is Kate Williams, our P2 specialist tutor. P2 is the lead paper for the MICS course.  If you want to hear her debrief the case from a P2 perspective have a look at her recording… it can be watched on…

Feb 01, 2015
It’s time for CIMA part qualified studiers to forget about ‘core areas’ and ‘exam tips’ and embrace the brave new world of the 2015 syllabus. The new multiple choice exams will not be easier, in fact you are now going to best tested on every component of the learning outcomes – therefore you need to master the subject…

Dec 15, 2014
I trained my first accountants back in 1992. I was given a textbook and two whiteboard markers and thus my passion for training began. I quickly introduced the use of the ‘acetate roll’ and the overhead projector to my local college and smile when I think of how ‘leading edge’ I was considered! Technology has moved a …

Dec 04, 2014
The changes to the CIMA 2015 syllabus have introduced Objective Test papers (with a 70% pass mark) for the first time. There are some tips to keep at the front of your mind when sitting Objective Test papers. System of rounds During round 1 only answer the easy questions During round 2 answer the more difficult que…