The Foundation Certificate in Accounting is where you'll get to develop your skills in finance administration: double-entry bookkeeping, basic costing principles and purchase, sales and general ledgers.
It's ideal if you're new to finance or you're looking to brush up on your basic knowledge and skills. The Foundation Certificate in Accounting is made up of the following 5 modules:
Bookkeeping Transactions (unit assessment)
This unit introduces students to the double-entry bookkeeping system and the associated documents and processes. Students will reach the stage of extracting an initial trial balance, before any adjustments are made. This unit provides students with the skills necessary to operate a manual double-entry bookkeeping system and provides a strong foundation for progression to more advanced manual and computerised activities.
Bookkeeping Controls (unit assessment)
This unit is about control accounts, journals and methods of payment. It takes students through reconciliation processes and the use of the journal to the stage of redrafting the trial balance, following initial adjustments. This unit covers more complex Foundation level bookkeeping procedures, which will enable students to develop their understanding of the relationship between the various accounting records and consolidate their knowledge of double-entry bookkeeping.
Elements of Costing (unit assessment)
The purpose of this unit is to give students a basic introduction to costing, while building a sound foundation in the knowledge and skills they need for more complex costing and management accounting units such as Advanced level Management Accounting: Costing and Professional level Management Accounting: Budgeting.
Using Accounting Software (unit assessment)
This unit provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to carry out typical bookkeeping transactions and tasks using accounting software. In the modern business environment, processing data and information into accounting software is a necessary task in most finance roles. This unit teaches students the practical steps for processing accounting information electronically and will allow students to reinforce their understanding of the sequence in which bookkeeping tasks are carried out.
Work Effectively in Finance (synoptic assessment)
This unit will help students to develop the professional skills and behaviours needed in the workplace. While this unit is set in the context of the finance function, these skills are transferable to many other working environments.
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We offer two distinctive packages for the AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting (Level 2):
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