Introducing the new AAT Syllabus change: Q2022

AAT is currently preparing their regular syllabus change to come into action on 1 September 2022, moving over from AQ2016 to Qualifications 2022 (Q2022).

The main differences between AQ2016 and Qualifications 2022 are:

  • The removal of repetition of syllabus content between levels
  • Update of material to better reflect current conditions and tasks in the accountancy
  • All levels have fewer assessments as part of the qualification
  • Removal of some modules:
    • Level 2 – Using Accounting Software
    • Level 3/Level 4 – Synoptic Assessment
  • Addition of new modules:
    • Level 2 – The Business Environment
    • Level 3 – Business Awareness
  • The combining of the following modules:
    • Level 3 – Advanced Bookkeeping and Final Accounts Preparation have been combined into Final Accounting
    • Level 4 – Budgeting and Decision & Control have been combined into Advanced Management Accounting
  • There are four new ‘themes’ throughout all levels; technology, communication, ethics, and sustainability

For apprenticeships:

  • The full AAT qualification will be completed ‘on-programme’ (before gateway)
  • End Point Assessment – will be outside of the qualification for levels 3 and 4

Transitional arrangements

AAT have produced the following document on transition arrangements from AQ2016 to Q2022: Q2022 Transition


We are currently creating our AAT Q2022 content, ready for 1 September 2022. If you would like any information please email