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When I started my ACCA journey I joined a college that my colleagues used, but found that I was just a number, a 'bum on seat'. I found the classrooms too small and that the tutors were just too busy to reply to my emails/text messages that I sent even though they gave me their mobile number and email address.

As a busy Mum with a baby and toddler, I wanted a college that would fit around my work and family life.

So I was relieved to find HTFT that was offering a bespoke studying service, where students come first. Where you are not just a 'number' but a real person.

I have been blown away with the help, and positive attitude of my tutors! Clare Finch for F7 gave masterclass sessions at 7:30am to enable us to get a class in before work\nursery run.

I received a study timetable, and study schedule to help organise my studies.

I telephoned/texted both tutors regular; as well as received a call from Vicky when I had a 'mini' lapse in confidence in my ability to sit 2 papers with a toddler and baby!

Having this tutor contact has really boosted my confidence and has really encouraged me to study harder.

HTFT is supportive and flexible and I cannot wait for the P papers.

Ella Malin

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When you join our Online Learning Community you are automatically taken to the members page where all members gather. When you enrol with HTFT you will be invited to join exclusive groups for your papers, managed by your tutor. Through these groups you will have access to your tutor from that point up until the day of the exam.
The group is exclusive to the students studying for that paper specifically, simulating a virtual classroom.
Each paper (or subject) group has a discussion forum, comment wall and a question and answer section. Your tutor will own the discussion forums and commit to answering all questions promptly. All lecturers and debriefs are posted here, along with a host of other valuable resources.
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HTFT enabled me to pass all my CIMA exams first time

"HTFT enabled me to pass all my CIMA exams first time and what impressed me the most was their personalised teaching methods which meant they offered me support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. HTFT also stood out from any other college by making my experience as a student a lot more enjoyable. This varied from providing breakfast to their online community and forum where I was able to communicate with other students and the teachers.

Thank-you to HTFT for getting me through my exams to become fully qualified and making my period studying a lot less stressful than what it should have been!"

Natasha Orr