We're committed to investing in creating and delivering new programmes, and we launch these as special offers to introduce them to the market.
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CIMA OCS: Exam Kit

We have developed a Operational Case Study Exam Kit (specifically for the Mansako pre-seen) that comprises 51 Questions and full Answers all for £50.

To order your OCS Mansako exam kit please download the order form.

CIMA OT course offer

We want to support you through your CIMA journey in 2018

If you book any CIMA OT Ultimate Live Online course with us, we will give you the opportunity to buy any other CIMA OT Ultimate Live Online course for 1/2 price

£99 CIMA F1 Resit

With CIMA F1 having proven a challenge for some students we have invested in creating a £99 Resit product (with a cash back guarantee) that will run on the 2nd June 2018.

The course focuses on helping those who have already sat F1, pass it on their next attempt.

CIMA Certificate 2018

We want to help you start your CIMA journey in 2018

If you book our CIMA BA3 Ultimate Live Online course we will give you CIMA BA1 for FREE