The Strategic Professional level is divided into Essentials and Options.
All of the modules/exams at Strategic Professional level have been set at the same ability level as a Masters degree. The ACCA Strategic Professional Essentials modules (Strategic Business Leader and Strategic Business Reporting) explore advanced professional skills, techniques and values that you will require to act as an expert accountant in an advisory or consultancy role at senior level.
They are assessed by written exams (SBL = 4 hrs and SBR = 3hr 15mins) , in March, June, September and December.
Strategic Business Leader (SBL)
To demonstrate organisational leadership and senior consultancy or advisory capabilities and relevant professional skills, through the context of an integrated case study.
It is recommended that you complete the ACCA Ethics and Professional Skills Module before attempting the Strategic Business Leader (SBL) exam.
For more information on the Strategic Business Leader exam/syllabus please click here: SBL
Strategic Business Reporting (SBR)
To discuss, apply and evaluate the concepts, principles and practices that underpin the preparation and interpretation of corporate reports in various contexts including the ethical assessment of managements’ stewardship and the information needs of a diverse group of stakeholders.
For more information on the Strategic Business Reporting exam/syllabus please click here: SBR
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