Why study with HTFT

HTFT Partnership was formed with the aim of leading the future of personalised accounting exam success.

By studying with us you will benefit from: 

Dedicated tutor support:

you will be assigned to a dedicated tutor per course who will be available to you via phone, email and through our online learning community

Flexible learning options:

all our courses are recorded for ultimate flexibility, if you cannot join a live session; the rewind and replay version is always available.

Prize winning organisation and tutors:

we won PQ Magazine's Online College of the Year 2017 and two of our Partners have won PQ Magazine private sector lecturer of the year in 2007 and 2010, and another is the bestselling author of 'A student's guide to IFRS’.

we have recently won PQ Magazine's Accountancy College of the Year 2020: Private Sector

Exam-focused tuition and revision notes:

our tutors write their own exam-focused notes, using their knowledge and experience of the syllabus and the papers

Prize winning students:

a number of our students have achieved worldwide prizewinner status with ACCA and national/worldwide prize status with CIMA for their Case Study exams

Our online learning community:

HTFT have an online learning community for our students where you will be able to access recordings, submit mock exams, ask questions, and talk to your tutor


HTFT’s innovative ‘protected’ pass guarantee:

a pass guarantee based on the submission of mocks and all scoring over a certain percentage. Please see AATCIMA or ACCA

HTFT’s ‘Flipped Classroom’ and approach to Mastering

Through our Flipping the Classroom structure for selected subjects we assign our lectures as homework, and what would be homework is covered in our masterclasses. We provide a structure that allows individuals to engage in pre-recorded videos followed by in-session exercises: allowing the tutor’s role to change from instructor to coach and mentor.
The traditional model of classroom or distance learning was invented in a different era; students lost in a classroom or home alone.
In traditional lectures, individuals try to capture what is being said at the instant the tutor says it. They are unable to stop and reflect upon the knowledge being imparted, and they may miss significant points because they are trying to write down the tutor’s words.
Technology has changed the way in which the world works.
By contrast, in Flipping the Classroom, our trainees access pre-recorded videos that they control (they can watch, rewind, pause and fast-forward as needed) prior to attending the masterclass sessions, where ‘in-class’ time is devoted to application of knowledge.
The value of our flipped classroom is both in allowing students to watch the recordings and learn at a time and pace that suit them, in addition to repurposing masterclass time into activities where trainees test their skills and apply their knowledge – delivering a full mastering of skills.
A flipped classroom was introduced by the Khan Academy as a proven approach to mastering technical subjects:

Delivery model

We’re committed to digital delivery – and more specifically the creation of virtual classrooms where trainees experience everything they would in a face-to-face classroom with the added advantage of being able to ask questions anonymously and, once the session has finished, watch their class again on a rewind and replay basis.
With this flexibility and leading edge technology at the heart of our delivery we can provide you with a choice to:
  • Log in to your training sessions ‘live’ via our online virtual classroom; or
  • Watch your recorded training sessions on a 'rewind and re-play' basis via our online learning community; or
  • Combine 'live online' with 'rewind and re-play' to fit in with workplace and personal commitments