Introducing HTFT play, our latest innovation for CIMA students.
With HTFT play you can catch up on your CIMA studies, stream topic recordings and test your exam readiness with our computer-based Proficiency mocks.
We have, and continue to, invest in and develop a range of HTFT play products for both CIMA Objective Test and CIMA Case Study exams.
Whether you are after a topic Boxset to develop your knowledge and understanding, exam-style practice assessments/mocks to help you test your Proficiency/exam readiness, or our market leading Case Study Exam Kit - HTFT play is where you will find them.
Our Frequently Asked Question document (right hand side) is a good place to start if you have any questions.
Our HTFT play products include:
We are continuing to develop our HTFT play product, and will be launching new products throughout 2021 - so keep an eye out for some exciting products.

HTFT enabled me to pass all my CIMA exams first time

"HTFT enabled me to pass all my CIMA exams first time and what impressed me the most was their personalised teaching methods which meant they offered me support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. HTFT also stood out from any other college by making my experience as a student a lot more enjoyable. This varied from providing breakfast to their online community and forum where I was able to communicate with other students and the teachers.

Thank-you to HTFT for getting me through my exams to become fully qualified and making my period studying a lot less stressful than what it should have been!"

Natasha Orr