Sometimes the exam day doesn’t go to plan, and you don’t get the result you want. We recognise that when this happens you don’t necessarily want to sit through another full programme of tuition; you would rather focus on honing your exam technique.
In responding to this need, we have created CIMA Resit.
Our CIMA Resit offer focuses on providing you with exposure to CIMA exam standard mocks and questions with high quality feedback that you can watch on a Rewind and Reply basis.
Our CIMA Resit offer is unique in the market and is only available to students who have sat a CIMA exam in the previous three weeks and scored over 90 (CIMA scaled score).
CIMA Resit: what you get
  • Invitation to join HTFT's Online Learning Community - where you can engage with other HTFT CIMA students and your specialist tutor
  • Access to the CIMA Resit group - for the Objective Test paper you are sitting
'Live online' full day:
  • A live online invite for the morning for an introductory session with our CIMA Objective Test paper specialist tutor
  • A link to sit a HTFT designed CIMA OT exam (under timed exam conditions) following the introductory session
  • A live online invite for the afternoon where our specialist tutor will fully de-brief the OT exam you have just sat, flexing the time spent on each section to personalise it and reflect the actual answers given
Post 'Live online' full day:
  • Access to a recording of the morning and afternoon sessions – for you to watch as often as you want on any device – PC, Mac, Tablet, smart TV, smart phone
  • Access to 2 more HTFT designed CIMA OT mock exams - that can be reset and re-attempted
  • Full specialist tutor support up to the date of your resit
  • Access to additional subject matter resources as weaknesses are identified
To get the most out of our Resit resources, you have to book the Resit course and attend in full the 'Live online' day (join the morning session, complete the mock exam, and join the afternoon session), complete both of the additional mocks by the deadlines set out in the timetable (scoring over 70% on first attempt) and sit your CIMA OT exam in the window we set out in the timetable.


Eligibility Criteria/Conditions:
1.               To book any CIMA Resit course you must have taken the appropriate OT exam and failed in the previous three week period (for OT exams) with a minimum scaled score of 90/150 (for OT exams).
2.               A screenshot from MyCIMA must be provided with the enrolment form.
3.               You must provide evidence that you have booked your exam, and this must be within 21 days of your enrolment.
4.               Access to all CIMA Resit resources will be limited to 21 days from enrolment.
We regularly run CIMA Resit courses, so please look at the timetables on the right hand side.


For other CIMA OT Resit courses please email