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Setting goals

Setting goals - Paying attention to how we set our goals makes us more like to achieve them and achieving them makes us feel good about ourselves and our lives.
Setting goals (guest blog written by Dr Philip Lloyd-Williams)   A few years ago there was a longitudinal study of people who succeed. It was very revealing as the research…

HTFT Partnership: December Newsletter

A copy of HTFT Partnership's December newsletter
Hi all Here is a link to our December newsletter.   HTFT December newsletter   We hope you all have a wonderful end to 2018, and don't forget to have a little…

Accessing and using the CIMA Pearson Vue sample assessments

We often get asked by students 'how do we access the CIMA/Pearson Vue sample assessments' for the CIMA OT papers - well this video will help.
We often get asked by students 'how do we access the CIMA / Pearson Vue sample assessments' for the CIMA OT papers - well this video will help you understand how to: find…

AAT Synoptic Calendar 2019-2020

Calendar of AAT Synoptic Exam dates for Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 Assessments.
You will sit your synoptic assessment when you're ready, as agreed with your training provider. You will need to check with your training provider as to the availability and…

You shouldn’t be afraid of failure

Failure can be your best teacher. Henry Ford once said “the only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing” and I completely agree with him. You shouldn’t be afraid of failure, you should embrace it. Failure refocuses what you are doing ensur…
Failure is a word that strikes fear into people. We have been brought up thinking that “failure is not an option” (attributed to former NASA Flight Director Gene Krantz who…

Apprenticeship Levy

Brief overview of the new world of Apprenticeships, including Trailblazers, Levy, Standards and opportunities.
The new world of Apprenticeships: shifting ownership to employers In spring 2017 the way the government funds apprenticeships in England is changing. Some large employers…